>Friday Eve and It Feels So Good

>I’ve got to say, this week has not been bad. But something about it has just been blah. And I’ve been eagerly anticipating the weekend since 8AM Monday morning. Maybe it’s because I had such a lovely weekend last weekend and I’m anticipating something similar for this upcoming weekend. Hmm….

Last night I finally got around to watching The Wrestler. Man! It was definitely not a feel-good movie, and at times it was downright uncomfortable to watch, but it was great. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a long time, and I was not disappointed.

But before movie night, the Man Friend and I made a semi-Mexican feast. It was awesome! Steak! Guac! Barbecued green onions! Stuffed poblano peppers! You know I went to town on the guac…

Take a look suckers:

Guacamole. I’m not exaggerating by saying I could eat this every day.

Before: Steak seasoned with lime, garlic and chili powder

Try not to lick the screen.

Action shot!
The Man Friend got a new ceramic knife for Christmas. I’m not jealous.

Stuffed poblanos with goat cheese, rice, corn and black beans. Also sprinkled with Cotija cheese.

Next time I’m adding more cheese.

There are Green Onions Hiding in this picture.
Olive Oil + Salt + Pepper makes everything taste better 🙂

Not pictured? Several bottles of Tecate with lime.

All in all? Not a bad way to spend a quiet Wednesday night.

Tonight? Participating in San Diego’s Restaurant Week. We have reservations at Bankers Hill Bar and Restaurant. Excited, I am.

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  1. >I am allergic to avocado and it's like the saddest thing. I can never share guacamole at restaurants or eat seven layer bean dip. Sigh.

  2. >More for me! But seriously…my tummy aches for you.


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