>RIP Bird Rock Pizza

So last night, Sunday night, was one of those nights where I just knew I wasn’t going to cook anything for dinner. A grilled cheese seemed like too much effort. That kind of night. So when Adam suggested pizza, I jumped all over that.

I quickly picked up my phone, navigated to our favorite pizza joint online to get the number, and was shocked to see that it had a notice on their site that they had unexpectedly closed down. Whaaaaaaaaaaa?

I’m not kidding when I say this was the best pizza in town. Light, thin-ish crust, perfect amount of toppings, not too much cheese, a nice spicy marinara. These pizzas were a thing of beauty. And it was tucked away in Bird Rock, one of my favorite little neighborhoods.


Woodstocks has now been promoted to number 1 for our go-to quick pizza delivery/pick – up.

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