>Oh Fabio


Burgers were my downfall

So sad to see you go. So yesterday I FINALLY caught up on all the episodes for Top Chef All-Stars. I know Fabio is not the most recent to go, that would be fellow Italian-heartthrob Angelo, but to me, it’s fresh.

I’m glad I finally watched all the to-date episodes. Top Chef is one of my all-time favorite shows. This season however, took me a while to get into. It was almost…boring. I think it’s because the playing field is so elevated. There haven’t been many epic fails, and everyone is friendly for the most part (ahem, Marcel). It’s like Summer Camp. Watching most of them yesterday (while cleaning and entertaining Tino) got me back into it. Especially as the contestants are dwindling and the finale approaches. Also, having Anthony Bourdain as a permanent judge was an excellent move. I LOVE me some Tony.

Speaking of Top Chef, I’m super excited to be visiting one of my favorite Top Chef contestant’s restaurant tonight. Brian Malarkey! Searsucker! It was my bosses birthday yesterday (happy birthday Sammy!) and since we were all out of the office yesterday for President’s Day we are celebrating with dinner tonight. Another perk of working for a start-up – we’re like a big family. Probably because we work in such close quarters, are relatively small, work long hours sometimes, and all appreciate the art of a good happy hour 😉 So accordingly, birthdays do not come and go without notice.

Will obviously have a post tomorrow about the experience.

P.S. Am I the only one still on the Top Chef train? Is it not cool anymore? (not that I care, just curious)

P.P.S. If you aren’t yet burned out on thing Top Chef, make sure to follow Fabio on Twitter. (@fabioviviani) He’s hilarious!

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