>First Day of the Week

>I never really know what signifies as the first day of the week. Sunday? Monday? I guess I lean towards Monday, since I’ve always associate Sunday with the Sabbath (day of rest). But then I look at my work calender and the darn thing starts on Sunday. Oh well… Whatever this Sunday signifies – a start or an end of the week, I’ve felt particularly reflective. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I graduated Law School. Where does the time go??? I started thinking of how I’ve changed since I graduated, and even since I first moved to San Diego.

Most of the change is very positive – moving to San Diego not knowing anyone was ultimately one of the best decisions I ever made. I made wonderful friends and totally fell in love with this city. San Diego is a beautiful town full of beautiful people. Very beautiful people. And as I started reflecting today, I realize one change I’ve made since Law School is over is to take less time for myself. This is kind of counterintutitve. Law school is a demanding and busy time. But it was still a student’s schedule. One that allowed for plenty of gym time, long running sessions and leisurely cooked dinners. Now that I’m working my life varies very little- work, eat, clean, squeeze some more work in, tv, sleep. Those 2PM gym sessions are no longer viable. And those leisurely dinners have given way to takeout.

It took me three years to realize this. Three years. It seems a little silly, but those small little changes start out so innocently. And then they snowball. A few pounds here, some added stress lines there. But that okay.No permanent damage.

So starting today, this last (or first) day of the week, things are changing. I’m going to the gym more often, watching more movies that I want to watch (no more action movies!), taking Tino for the occasional Sunday cappucino in the village, finding time to play, and cooking those nice leisurely dinners – for myself. It’s kind of invigorating. Nothing radical, just a few things to make the week more tolerable.

I think Tino will be on board.

Tino finds a pile of sticks fun. I can learn from this guy.
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