>If It’s Good Enough For Goats…

>I have a few obsessions: finding the perfect guacamole, shoes, wine (duh) and Neil Diamond. I think it’s time to add to the list: shiny hair. I am obsessed with finding the latest greatest hair potion that will make my hair silky smooth. (Wow, a girl wanting shiny hair…so out of the ordinary)

Today, I think I’m one step closer to fulfilling my shiny hair quest…


Argan Oil! How had I never heard about this before? For those not in the know, Argan oil derives from the pits of the Argan tree, which are found in Moracco. In years past, because the pits were difficult to crack, the broken down seeds were extracted from goat poop. Yup. Goat poop. Goats have a thing for Argan pits. So much so that they climb the trees to get these little treasures. 

Just chillin…

Anyway. That brings me to the other day. A trip to Whole Foods, a shower, and a few drops of this oily goodness later and I now have some serious shine going on. Lovely. 

Now I just wish the sun would start shining down here in San Diego and I would be one happy shiny-haired chica. (See what I did there? Shine?!)

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