Still Laughing

At the video from yesterday. I am entertained easily. Very easily.

Today is basically my Friday. And it’s been a good one to boot. Woke up early (5AM!), dropped a friend off at the airport, went to Yoga, took Valentino to the beach, and did some serious work. And now I’m getting ready for the weekend….in Dallas!

So for your weekend enjoyment/inspiration (because you’re not going to get it from me):

Don’t you just love her?

Be safe kittens and have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! See you in a few days 🙂

I Feel Ya, Rudd

It is officially half way through the slowest work week I can remember in a long, long time.

Folks, we’ve got sunny weather here in San Diego, a Holiday weekend fast approaching, and I do not want to be working!

Adam and I watched Wet Hot American Summer last night. I think this scene best expresses how I feel at work right now:

Get’s me every time!

Work? Oh Yah. I will…uh, I just got…I don’t have time right now!  There are weddings to attend, bbq to chow down on, and sun to be soaked up.

Am I alone here?

Also, how great is this movie???

Now THAT Was a Weekend…

I know, it’s Tuesday. But I’m honestly just now recovering from my weekend. In a word, it was fantastic. In a few words? It was full of out of town friends (Richard! Dan!), parties of the engagement (congrats Ajay and Shweta!), birthday, and dinner variety, lot’s of food, and lot’s of drinks. It was wonderful. It was epic.

I didn’t have my camera around – too much laughing and enjoying the moments. But here are a few snapshots from an informal dinner party I threw together on Saturday. The theme was greek, which was decided after my friend Lioyd and I had a lively chat about the proper way to describe the taste of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese –> Greek dinner party. (I challenge you to fill in the steps it took to get there.)

Lamb Kebobs

Grilled lemons added a little something something...

Cheesy Artichoke Heart Bread

Bacon wrapped dates

Unpictured: greek salad and an AMAZING pitcher (or two) of Sangri which my amazing friend Lauren whipped together.

You need to make a batch of bacon wrapped dates, like…yesterday. They are salty and crunchy and sweet all at the same time. They are the crack of the appetizer world. They are also incredibly easy to make. (400 degree oven, dates wrapped in 1/2 a piece of bacon each, 20 minutes cook time. Bam!)

It was the perfect prelude to a busy evening (an engagement party AND a birthday party). Both were fun. A little too fun…

There was so much more. But like I said, it’s Tuesday, and I’m still tired. So this will have to do for now.

Well and this:

White Trash Birthday Party. Happy Birthday Rachael!

The classy broad on the bottom right? Me 🙂

Where’s Stuart Smalley When You Need Him?

Somebody went out of their way to make me feel stupid today. And I got so mad at myself for succumbing to that effort. Even if only for a minute.

Hard to imagine you can make someone who makes this face feel stupid...

So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I called a client and delivered some good news, finished a few emails, and chatted with some co-workers about an upcoming project. Feeling better, I decided to go downstairs to buy myself a cappuccino.

Watching the people in the cafe – the fashionably dressed artists, the pretty stay at home moms, the writers tapping furiously on their laptops, I started feeling clunky and dull. My hair felt frizzy, and I suddenly wished I had put on more makeup today. And there you go, I started feeling bad again.

So silly! It’s so easy to let other people sway you and get down on yourself. And it’s even easier to get stuck in a cycle of negativity.

This cannot stand!

So I’m going to focus on the positive. Here’s a list I came up with, while standing in line, of random things I like about myself:

  • I know the lyrics to every Beatles song.
  • I am the youngest known Rod Stewart fanatic.
  • I taught myself to 1) knit and 2) play the piano. I’m not great at either. But that’s okay.
  • My nose. I really like the shape and size of it. Seriously.
  • I am generous.
  • I am funny (according to Valentino).
  • I love to read. I’m constantly reading (online) newspapers, news outlets, blogs, books, magazines, etc. I pride myself in being a know-it-all.  😉
  • Parlo italiano.

Your turn. What do you like about me? Kidding. What do you like about yourself? Or alternatively, what do you do to get yourself out of the funks life sometimes throws our way?

Here's looking at you, hottie.

Recipe Failure

Sometimes things do not go as planned. This seems to happen to me a lot. Especially in the kitchen. Luckily, I’ll eat just about anything, so I’ve yet to go starving as the result of a recipe meltdown.

I’m currently working on a project (details to come down the road) where I need to create a new recipe that falls within a few guidelines. The guidelines are pretty simple. The inspiration? Missing. Or maybe it’s the Execution. Or a nice combination of both. That’s probably it.

I started out decent enough.

Nothing too crazy..

It’s hard to go wrong when steak is involved.

And I actually liked how it was progressing.

Is there a better aroma than sauteed mushrooms and onions???

But in the end. It just didn’t come together how I would have liked.

There were other ingredients involved (corn tortillas, feta, quinoa). But it just wasn’t what I had envisioned. It didn’t hit the “right” spots and I was left a little unsatisfied, even though individually, I liked all of the different components. Methinks I have some work to do.

My dinner guest was very nice and said it was good. I think I would’ve preferred the criticism. Maybe I had built it up too much in my mind during the day? Or maybe I’m like the soup nazi – criticize once and you’re out and he was onto me! Hmm…I know one thing is for sure – I think I need to lay off the Seinfeld re-runs. Oh yah, and try again 😉

Rain Rain Go Away

San Diego is a tease. We had a few blissful days of sun, and now it’s a rainy mess. And if you are familiar with SoCal you know that when we get a drop of rain, we forget we ever knew how to drive and go into hibernation mode.

Staying at home in my pajamas and watching movies with Valentino was not an option today, so I got the next best thing: a cafe au lait and a blueberry scone from my favorite coffee shop in La Jolla – the Brick and Bell.

Their scones are out of this world. I usually grab a mini-scone but as I said, it was raining, and thus it was not a morning for skimping 😉

Am I being a spoiled brat complaining about the weather?  Anyone?

Popeye Would Be Ashamed…

Very recently, I have seemed developed a severe aversion to “dark greens.” So things I usually love – spinach, arugula, and other spring mixes/leafy greens do NOT sound appealing. At all. But I still crave a lot of vegetables. I just don’t want it in salad form. (Unless it’s in a bland iceberg lettuce kind of mix…. what the hell???)

So I’m trying to be a little more creative with my vegetable intake.

Cue my favorite new snack:

Is your mind blown? (If it is, you might want to try to get out more…)

In that bowl are two things that for the longest time I assumed I didn’t like. Based on nothing, of course. Cottage cheese and radishes.

Radishes as well as cottage cheese are both ingredients that people tend to either love or hate. Personally I love both. I love the crunchy, peppery bitterness of radishes. And I love the hint of saltiness in the cottage cheese.

So in the bowl? Cottage cheese and radishes. Of course. But the two ingredients that make this appetizing are: cracked black pepper and a small key lime worth of lime juice.

The orange in the picture? Curry. Do not add. It does not taste good.

You think I’m crazy.

That’s okay.

I promise to share something good tomorrow. Unless you think this is good, then, right on!

(Also, I have a REALLY good cottage cheese mess to share later. This is legit. I promise promise.)

Spring is for Lovers…and Peonies

Growing up in the Land of 10,000 lakes, one sure sign of spring was the blossoming of the peonies in our back yard. To this day, it’s a tight race between Lily of the Valley (on the side of our neighbors yard) and the Peonies for my favorite flower.

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Unfortunately, peonies do not grow in Southern California. I did spy them at the local flower shop in downtown La Jolla the other day, but at $8 a stem I think I’ll wait for a special ocassion…

Speaking of things I will not be purchasing soon…


Consider me obsessed. I swear I would wear them with EVERYTHING.

Somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to justify a pair of Lion paw Louboutins. These however? I’m working on it.

Pink! Sequins!

During college I worked at Ann Taylor (what up La Encantada!) and I must say, they really do have some great shoes. They are always well made and extremely comfortable. I think these would make a fine addition to my closet 😉

Okay, enough virtual shopping. There is coffee to be made and house stuff to be done. (A certain pup is getting a bath today….)

What are you drooling over these days?

Celebrate the Good Times

>As I alluded to in my last post, work is going very well right now. Which is such a welcome change from the previous few months. Working at a start-up has many, many advantages to it. We’re flexible, we’re innovative, our schedule and daily tasks are constantly changing so we’re always on our toes. We’re scrappy and we’re risk takers. But it has a few downsides. Sometimes it’s stressful. We are small, but our goals are big. That often translates into working loooong hours without much thanks (or compensation!). But that’s okay. It’s what I signed up for.

So yesterday I officially took a new position in work. It was a good day. A celebration of sorts was therefore necessary. And thanks to a bottle of wine I was gifted, I decided it was going to translate into a home cooked meal.

It was amazing. I haven’t been cooking much, and getting back in the kitchen after a few weeks of snacking and “making do,” it felt great. It also provided the perfect opportunity to try out SooFoo. I had picked this up, on impulse, at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to try it since.

Soo Fooing Good

Check out the ingredient list: barley, black lentils, brown lentils, buckwheat, green lentils, long grain brown rice, oats, rye berries and wheat berries. Day-um! It cooks up like brown rice and if you visit the website, there are many great ways you can jazz it up. Next time I think I’ll add some mushrooms and onions 🙂 This time, I just cooked with some chicken stock for added flavor. Highly recommended.

And then there was the star of the show. Ribeye steaks. Cooked medium rare. Kind of on the rare side. Kind of delicious. I always get nervous grilling on my own, but I must say, I think I nailed it! You may refer to me here on out as the “Grill Master.”

The path to my heart? Ribeyes…

I roasted up a few roasted brussel sprouts and bam – dinner was served!

Success, I has it.

My friends and I gobbled it all up. I think SooFoo is going to become a staple of mine. It’s nutritious, flavorful, and has a texture like rice/pilaf/cooked grain but a little crunchy too. I can’t wait to make it again and experiment a little.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate good news?

Case of the (Anti) Mondays

>Yesterday was a good day. I’ve got to tell you ladies and gents, May has been a good month so far.

My baby turned a month older. (I know, but it’s like the equivalent of a year for a dog! It’s a big deal…)

Bunny Love

So when things are going swimmingly, it’s nice to top off with a cocktail. Especially when work is within walking distance of one of my favorite restaurant/bars EVA.

Some may call it hipster heaven, but I don’t care.  The food and drinks are amazing. The service, although slow at times (I’m looking at you – lunch!), is personable and above par. And the people watching? Priceless.

Anything with mustard cannot be bad.

Mini-corn dogs? Don’t mind if I do! There were lots of other bites, but I wasn’t in picture mode. If you do go, you MUST order the mussels. They are heaven. Habanero-infused heaven. I’m dying just thinking of them. Also, if you order them you MUST allow the accompanying fries to soak up all the brothy buttery goodness in the bowl. I’m serious.

Here are a few snapshots of the interior. Seriously guys, this place is tragically hip. The inside is reminiscent of a cabin. With lots of books. Books everywhere, in fact.

A bibliophile’s dream.

I especially love the brick walls.

Demand (less)!

For a place that gets pretty crowded, it’s amazing how intimate the atmosphere remains. I think it’s one of those places that is equally appropriate for a romantic night out OR a large group. I’ll take both 🙂