Bring On the May Flowers!

>Happy May Day! I hope it was a lovely one for you! I have no complaints 🙂

Spring has sprung (honestly, it feels like summer is here already) in San Diego, and flowers are everywhere. One place that ALWAYS has beautiful flower arrangements is Influx Cafe in Little Italy. They always have bright and visually stunning arrangements on display. That + the best espressos in the city make it one of my favorite spots. (Doesn’t hurt that it’s also super close to work…)

Here are a few arrangements that I’ve managed to snap on my phone while waiting for a caffeine fix:

I love this deep scarlet red. So elegant.
Artichokes are not just for eating!
Same with lemons 😉

I think my favorite is the lemon arrangement, but I really, really like the artichokes. Hopefully I can take a cue from these beautiful and unusual arrangements and branch out next time I decorate with flowers inside. Fingers crossed!

As far as my weekend went, it was full of sun, sun and more sun! Throw in a little dancing into the early hours of the morning, great friends and I’d say it was a success!

Unfortunately, I was a little forgetful when it came to the something pretty important.

Someone did not apply enough sunblock this weekend. Dummy….

Lobster face = fail. I’ll make sure to double up on the sunblock this week. Sigh….

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. Cheese

     /  May 16, 2011

    Love the arrangement… Will start to do that from now one I feel…


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