Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Happy first day of June!! I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I surely did. I’m sure I’ll post pics later in the week. But for now, I’m happy to be back in sunny San Diego. (Good riddance May and your “May gray“)

Last week, Dr. Beach released his annual list of the top 10 beaches in the U.S.. Coronado beach in San Diego was named #2 and had the distinction of being the ONLY beach on the west coast. (I’m not counting Hawaii.)

Hotel Del Coronado

Now, I love Coronado beach. In fact, it is my 2nd favorite beach in San Diego. (What up Windansea!?) But I can’t help but notice two things – 1) the list of beaches are almost exclusively from the East Coast and 2) Dr. Beach is from Florida…. do I sense some bias here? Perhaps. I haven’t spent that much time on the East Coast in my adult life, so maybe I’m just a little bitter that my beloved SoCal didn’t get mad props, yo. He does base his rankings on 50 different criteria, so maybe there’s something to it after all.

I suddenly have a desire to 1) watch Some Like It Hot and 2) get thyself to the beach. I’d love to venture over to Coronado, have a cocktail at the Del while getting my sun on….but come on:

Valentino and I give Windansea Beach two paws up!

I’ve got my own beach practically at my doorstep!

(You knew Some Like It Hot was Filmed at the Hotel Del, right?)

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