I Am No Betty Crocker

If you’ve ever read a post by me, you know I love to cook. When people ask what I enjoy doing in my free time, I don’t even have to think before I spit out some variation of “I love to cook/eat.” So it PAINS me that I cannot for the life of me bake anything. I’m serious. I can simultaneously under-cook and burn a roll or Nestle Toll house cookies. It’s a gift.

So please believe me when I say – this is a fool proof dessert. Do you own a microwave? Do you have the use of at least one of your hands? If you answered yes to both of then you can recreate these yummy treats!


Yes, I’ve already posted these scrumptious treats. But they’re too good and too easy not to share! White chocolate covered strawberries. They’re so good and because 80% of it is made up of strawberry, I’m sticking it in my “healthy foods” column 🙂

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries


  • 1 pint fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 bag white chocolate chips
  • sprinkles! (Just a few TBSPs will suffice!)


  1. Rinse and dry entire pint of strawberries
  2. Pour white chocolate chips into microwaveable safe container. Heat up for 30 seconds at a time, stirring occasionally so the chocolate doesn’t melt. I heated up these chocolate chips for just under 3 minutes. Stir vigourously to result in a smooth, melty texture.
  3. Meanwhile, pour sprinkles of choice (I think chocolate sprinkles would be delicious!) into bowl of choice.
  4. Dip the strawberries one at a time into melted white chocolate mixture so that about half of the strawberry is covered in the white chocolate.
  5. Dip the tip of the white chocolate covered strawberry into sprinkles.
  6. Place “dipped” strawberry on a wax paper covered plate/pan. When all the strawberries are dipped, refrigerate for at least 15 minutes
  7. Enjoy!
  8. So I made these with 4th of July in mind, but as I stated in the directions – I think these would be delicious with plain old chocolate sprinkles. On this particular occassion I used blue colored sugar. Regardless, this is a simple and easy dessert that you can whip up in less than half an hour.

    What’s your go-to dessert recipe? (One of my besties just gave me a no-bake recipe that I can’t WAIT to try out!!!)

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  1. ree altavilla

     /  July 8, 2011

    I guess cookinng runs in the family, it is my all time destresser. I think I may try the strawberries soon, probably a heck of a lot healthier thsn the icecream cake I just enjoyed.

  2. Icecream cake is good for your mental health 🙂 and cooking is the best destresser!


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