Is It Just Me?

Or does today feel like the end of summer. Goodby August…goodbye summer?

I guess we still have labor day to get through… And let’s face it, I live in San Diego. I still have several weeks of beach time to enjoy before temperatures start plummeting (sometimes it gets down to the 40’s! Brrrr)

Some random beach shots from this weekend:



I think that's Adam's hand in the corner. Probably trying to help me off a big rock during our "hike." I'm extremely clumsy...


It was a lovely afternoon. I even went into the water where I did not get swept away and knocked on my bum by two huge waves as Adam watched and laughed. Yep, it was a good day.

P.S. Shout out to Ang – Happy Birthday!!!!

Impulse Purchase


Don’t go to RiteAid while hungry.

My Last Year As A 20-Something

And so it has begun. I have officially entered my last year as 20-something. Eeeep!

I can tell you already, I can already sense that I am not only much wiser, but am aging beyond gracefully 😉

After an INSANE day at work, I wanted nothing more than to put on some jammies and sip on some Wine.

Flowers? Check.


Birthday flowers

I wish I would’ve snapped a picture of the bouquet while they were still wrapped in brown  paper and tied with a pretty pink ribbon. So pretty! Just so you know, flowers never fail to make me swoon.

Dinner made especially for me? Check.


Roasted wild salmon, mushroom rice pilaf, grilled corn and bread for dipping in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Fancy! And delicious! And I didn’t have to do a thing!

Birthday cupcake? Double check.


Carrot cake and loads of buttercream

Yes, that is an empty bottle of wine on the table….

It was a good night.

Thank You Mr. Lincoln

Want to ensure your Sunday night isn’t it’s usual weepy affair? (Please tell me I’m not alone here!)

Easy! Get the to a grocery store, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers (Personally I go for the 3 bunches for $10 variety…picking only 1 bunch), light some candles, put on Whitney Houston’s greatest hits and voila!


All or under 5 bucks. Thank you Mr. Lincoln! Monday won’t seem so bad. I promise.

P.S. don’t even bother hating on Whit. These ears will have none of it. NONE OF IT!

Get Over It

The weekend is long gone. And the next one is still a few days away.


But seriously, it’s hard to get over them when weekends represent this:


Sunday. Beach.

That was, for a few moments, my view. Then the stupid flies/gnats/whatever-they-were hanging out in the beached Kelp wouldn’t leave Adam and I alone. And the sun wasn’t particularly cooperating.

Beach was abandoned with the hope of returning next weekend.


But check it(!) – whilst trying to see a band/venue for Adam’s upcoming show this Wednesday (hint, hint: be there) I spied this in the bathroom:


Hard core punk, and stuff...

Coastal Gris is legit, yo.

But seriously, you should go. I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll buy you a beer. Who knows?


Things I Like: August Edition

Sigh. We are entering the last days of Summer. I just received my first September fashion mag (glamour). And as much as I want to get my hiney to the beach this weekend, lather myself with some Banana boat and soak up some serious rays…I’m secretly pinning and planning my fall wardrobe.

Yes. I am aware that I live in San Diego. So what if the average September temperature is in the high 70s? I want to wear my trouser jeans and fitted blazers!

Here are a few things I’m digging right now.

Coach Stewardess Bag

Okay, so this is a completely indulgent, braggy, I’m-awesome, moment. I have this bag. I purchased it off of Ebay about 4 or 5 years ago. For $13. It is now retailing for $358. Mine is vintage 70’s. Suck it!

But really, isn’t this fantastic?! I often forget I bought this. Truth be told, this purchase was made as part of an ill-planned Stewardess Halloween costume. But you won’t find me admitting that…I’m just extremely fashion-forward…

Gold Peeptoe Heels

Where WOULDN’T I wear these???

Seriously. I need to know.


Is your mind blown? Way to jump on the bandwagon Andy! I recently recommitted myself to torturing my core with this a few times a week.

I will have rock hard abs. You will see them through my cable knit sweaters. You will!

My New Girl Crush

Chrissy Tiegen. Her blog is amazing. She’s funny as hell on twitter. She’s dating one of my boyfriends. (It’s okay I’ll share!)

I want to be her…but not in a Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill I want to wear her skin kind of way….you get me? Cool.

Check out one of my favorite recent posts. Let’s love her together.


Umm… That’s it for now. I’ve got wine left in my glass and Rocco’s Dinner Party is not going to watch itself.

Don’t judge. I write these posts at night. And even if I was drinking wine at 11:30AM, is that so bad? (Maybe…)

I Salute You!

Well, not you. What have you done for me lately?

I’m talking about trader Joe’s. Specifically, their 21 Seasoning Salute.


Oh my word is this fantastic. I’ve used it on everything from Tilapia to roasted vegetables to eggs.

Get thee to Trader Joe’s and let the culinary adventures begin!

It’s cheap too 🙂

Puffy Eyes

Mix a late night, next to no sleep and an early trip to airport and you are going to wake up with puffy eyes. (I’ll spare you the picture, but don’t think for a second I didn’t take one.)

You are also going to whip out the pair of non-heel/wedge/sparkly shoes that have been sitting in your closet.


It’s a historic day people.

On a totally unrelated note, Adam and I watched the Source Code last night. I thought it was Groundhog’s day with better looking actors and more action. Was I just cranky?

Dinner With My Boyfriend

Okay. So he might be my pretend boyfriend. And I might have switched pretend boyfriends half way through the evening. Damn. I’m so fickle.

Boyfriend No. 1

Boyfriend No. 2

Ladies, you understand my dilemma.

So my Sunday night? Me + boyfriends (1 and 2, respectively) + cold beer + delicious dinner + NFL Fantasy Football research = Damn. Good. Night.

Carnitas Lettuce Wraps

Monday? Do your worst!

Brunch For Two

My brunch companion?


Give me some eggs! Now!


Yep. He’s quite the gentleman.


2 scrambled eggs, goat cheese and salsa verde. Yum.


What’s a girl gotta do to get a man around here? (Tino’s still a pup, He doesn’t count.)