Things I Like: August Edition

Sigh. We are entering the last days of Summer. I just received my first September fashion mag (glamour). And as much as I want to get my hiney to the beach this weekend, lather myself with some Banana boat and soak up some serious rays…I’m secretly pinning and planning my fall wardrobe.

Yes. I am aware that I live in San Diego. So what if the average September temperature is in the high 70s? I want to wear my trouser jeans and fitted blazers!

Here are a few things I’m digging right now.

Coach Stewardess Bag

Okay, so this is a completely indulgent, braggy, I’m-awesome, moment. I have this bag. I purchased it off of Ebay about 4 or 5 years ago. For $13. It is now retailing for $358. Mine is vintage 70’s. Suck it!

But really, isn’t this fantastic?! I often forget I bought this. Truth be told, this purchase was made as part of an ill-planned Stewardess Halloween costume. But you won’t find me admitting that…I’m just extremely fashion-forward…

Gold Peeptoe Heels

Where WOULDN’T I wear these???

Seriously. I need to know.


Is your mind blown? Way to jump on the bandwagon Andy! I recently recommitted myself to torturing my core with this a few times a week.

I will have rock hard abs. You will see them through my cable knit sweaters. You will!

My New Girl Crush

Chrissy Tiegen. Her blog is amazing. She’s funny as hell on twitter. She’s dating one of my boyfriends. (It’s okay I’ll share!)

I want to be her…but not in a Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill I want to wear her skin kind of way….you get me? Cool.

Check out one of my favorite recent posts. Let’s love her together.


Umm… That’s it for now. I’ve got wine left in my glass and Rocco’s Dinner Party is not going to watch itself.

Don’t judge. I write these posts at night. And even if I was drinking wine at 11:30AM, is that so bad? (Maybe…)

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