I’ll Chew You Up

I blame it on the red lip gloss I wore today.

I have been listening to this song on repeat. All. Day. Long.

I’ve also been re-imagining the music video with me in it.


Channeling inner-80's maneater

Who are we kidding? Red lip gloss or not, Hall & Oates is always on my playlist.

Also, it looks like I have a mustache. hehe. (An homage to Oates, perhaps?)

Is It Still Lame To Like Starbucks?

I guess I’m tragically unhip (but we already knew that). But damn it! I still like Starbucks.

Especially when you have only a few minutes and dollars for lunch.


Pita, chicken, hummus and veggies

The ingredients aren’t horrible, the price tag was nice, and while I would love to dine on a 600 calorie blueberry muffin, this came in around 300 calories and was much more lunch/snack appropriate.


Of course, tomatoes were left behind.

This Is For My Dad

My Dad doesn’t think I ever use my bike.


Suck it!

(Those are groceries in there)