I Hope It’s Not Too Late

For figs.

Everyone seems to be enamored with all things pumpkin, but I”m still hankering for figs. Figs with goat cheese. Or bacon. Or stuffed with dark chocolate and peanut butter (try this!).

And I always love pizza…

Fig, goat cheese, red onion and arugula pizza

I think I might need to run to Trader Joe’s and make this again. Like today. (Picture from a girls night a few weeks back)

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  1. It’s not too late for figs! They’re wonderful right now.

  2. That makes me very happy! I’m definitely going to enjoy some this weekend!

  3. I never would have thought to try figs on pizza, but that does look really good!

    • I admit, I had seen similar pizzas at various restaurants/wine bars. But I’m so glad I tried it myself- it’s just a little sweet but not overpowering, and very light!


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