M Is For Mondays and Muppets

Another Monday. They tend to come around each week, don’t they?

I had such a nice, relaxing weekend. A quick trip to Huntington Beach. A blogger meetup in Del Mar, and lots of movie-watching/snuggling (both of the dog and man variety).

I didn’t take one picture. No iphone. No camera.  Nothing.

Although, secretly, I kind of wish I would have snapped a few pictMures at the Blogger meetup. Next time!

The meet up was held at a WINE BAR!  SIP at Flavor Del Mar to be exact. The location was lovely and the inside of the bar was intimate without being cramped. I have been to the restaurant portion before but never SIP. And I think we all know that  I have yet to find a wine bar I didn’t love. SIP did not disappoint. You should definitely check it out if ever in the area.I plan on going back  – the menu looked amazing!

As for the meetup, it was so nice to meet so many other bloggers. There were some incredibly talented women present. I’m just sorry I was late, a little under the weather (too many vodka sodas the night before….derrr!) and left earlier than I would have liked (Don’t I sound like a big ol’ ball of fun?!….). Regardless, I’m so glad I went and can’t wait to go to the next one (Where I will also remember to post about it in ADVANCE so you all can have a heads up too!). I’m also glad I have a handful of new blogs to read over my morning coffee each day 🙂

Many thanks to the lovely ladies who organized: Tammy, Oliva Dee, Kelsey and Mrs. Stephanie T!

And oh yes….M is for Mondays AND Muppets. Please tell me I’m not the only one incredibly excited for the Muppet Movie. I adore me some Fozzie Bear.

Thank you Youtube for indulging my inner 5-year old today…and allowing me to waste countless minutes this morning watching old Muppet Show clips.

What did you do this weekend?  Curious minds want to know!

This Day Goes To Eleven

Happy Nigel Tufnel day 🙂


Mustache Party!

Well, at least for the next month. It’s Movember and my Boo is voluntarily enduring some serious mocking for his efforts to raise awareness and funds for Prostate cancer.

1 week in...3 to go!

Check out his page here.

Valentino has already pledged to give up his monthly treat allowance to donate…and I’m giving up m  Starbucks allowance. We’re pretty proud of ourselves…. 😉

All Snuggled Up

This weekend was lovely.




And scarves.

Scarves for everyone.

Snack Time Isn’t Just For Kids

I’ve been feeling especially snacky lately.

Hence my plate tonight.

From top left, clockwise: greek olives, fresh mozzarella with salt and pepper, pepperoncini, wasabi flavored almonds.

Technically not dinner, although on a dinner plate.

Technically delicious.

Every day I have grand plans to make a delicious dinner…and then the snack monster hits. Entrees are overrated. Appetizers are where it’s at.I think the fact that I’ve eaten my weight in tootsie rolls this week has added to my preference for snacky meals.

Don’t worry, this plate was filled up a few times, and wine was definitely enjoyed along with said plates.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

And if you haven’t already tried them, next time you’re at Trader Joes make sure you snatch up a bag of wasabi flavored almonds. They are magically delicious!


Scrooge, I Am Not

But I just watched my first Christmas/Holiday commercial on tv.


It’s barely November people. Let’s chill and enjoy the sunny SoCal weather while it lasts.





That said…does this mean the Starbucks holiday cups are coming?


How To Have a Successful Ladies Night

Make sure there is cheese.

Lots of cheese.

Some bruschetta, wine and Michael Buble playing in the background doesn’t hurt either.

Last week, my roommate and two girlfriends gathered to enjoy an evening of all the above. We also did a little cooking, putting together this little dish. I highly recommend it. Do not skip out on the saffron!

One last tip – want to make sure that it’s truly a successful night? Do NOT forget to take pictures of yourselves! (derrrrrrr!)