Laziness. There’s An App For That!

There really is an App for just about anything your pretty little mind could come up with.

Behold – my latest download!

Essentially, it’s an app for lazy bums like myself who can’t get into shape by themselves. 14 weeks to a 10k. That’s the promise.

Considering that I have a half-marathon in  months I’ll have to do a little better than that. But not much. And honestly, this app starts out super easy. I think I’ll be able to skip a few weeks – I have been running lately. Just not at a fast speed, or with much dedication. Hopefully this will get my butt in gear. It has a nice interface and I do love having a schedule/deadline to go by. (Insert one of the many, many deadline/lawyer jokes I heard in law school…)

Also, the reason I’m truly excited about this app? I’ve renamed it (in my head) to “14 weeks to bikini season!.” That’s REAL motivation, my friends.

Anyone have any other great running motivators/tips? I’m not a great runner, but I love the way I feel as a result. Here’s hoping I can stick it out for a while!

P.S. I’ve been listening to Coldplay’s ‘Vida La Vida” on repeat whilst typing this post. Is it weird that it’s my go-to song for pumping up purposes? Does this mean I’m gay?

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  1. Ooooh I need to look into that app, seems legit! I’m so excited you are coming on saturday, we have so many fun things planned. Looking forward to meeting you!

    xo, Kelsey

    • It’s really good! I tested it out today an despite the actual pain from running, t was good! I especially love that it integrates with my music on my iPhone.
      See you Saturday!

  2. I have the Couch to 5K app! I just… need to actually use it. oy vey!

  3. Ah I’ve heard this app is amazing. I NEED to check it out 🙂

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