5 Lbs. Of Pretzels

That was my gift to Adam for Valentine’s Day. Well, that and some beer.

I’m a romantic.

Or not.

Yesterday turned out to be quite lovely. My girlfriend and I met up for Happy Hour. Our first stop was Costa Brava for Tapas and Sangria. At least that’s what we had planned. Turns out they weren’t doing happy hour because of the “holiday.” We were told this after ordering a pitcher of Sangria. Of course.

Not to be dissuaded, we made our way down to the Tap Room. No sangria on the menu? No problem.With the help of their friendly bartender we made our own.

Oh yes. That would be two glasses of red wine and shots of orange juice, cranberry juice and rum. They were delicious. And cheap (yay happy hour!)

We also ordered some “beer soakers.”

I think I could happily eat these every.single.day. They are sooooo good.

Of course, it was Valentine’s Day, so Adam made an appearance. We headed over to his house where Weston, Lauren’s boyfriend, joined us for a glass of wine, cheese and some sliced sausages.

Not to be outdone by my show of pretzels, Adam gave me a beautiful, custom arrangement of flowers.

Very sweet.

He also made dinner. All by his handsome-self.

Lobster tails, fresh bread, broiled asparagus and baked potatoes.

It was incredibly sweet and much appreciated.

It was a lovely night. A very lovely night.


To My Valentines

Yah, you’ve got your Channing Tatums, Ryans (Reynolds, Gosling), George Clooney, etc. But if you are near and dear to me, you know who holds my heart. (Kurt Warner, don’t read this – you know I love you baby.)

George Costanza. The perfect mix of bitterness, hilarity and surprising confidence. I want to snuggle with him like a teddy bear. (I’m “squeeeing” as I type this!)

Don’t judge. Love is blind.

Unfortunately, it is a love that is destined to be unrequited. Thankfully, I have two real Valentines.

Yes, two.

March 2011

January 2011. What a difference a year makes.

A girl could do worse.

I could wax on for quite a while about how great each are – but I’ll just leave it at this: they are my world.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!

P.S. I am linking up with Blonde Episodes today for some V-day love. Head on over and check it out!

Love Is In the Air

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Once again, mine was  invariably centered around food. It’s a modern miracle that I don’t weigh 200 lbs, because I eat like it’s going out of style.

When we weren’t eating, Adam and I did make it to the movie theater to see The Grey. Think: Liam Neeson stranded inthe  Alaskan wilderness while being chased by wolves. I’m so serious. I’m also surprised how much I enjoyed it. Then again, I had a nice little stash of miniature wine bottles in my purse. (What?!)

From the top, clockwise: Quick snapshot from my Saturday run, purse filled with adult beverages for the movie theater, the most delicious bacon cheeseburger and garlic parm fries from the Spot in La Jolla

Don’t worry, most of the wine was left untouched. I’m not that bad.

And even though Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I feel like we adequately celebrated yesterday. We dined on pulled pork tacos, a massive amount of guacamole, an easy-peasy dessert that even I couldn’t screw up, and finished Season 1 of the Walking Dead.

Nothing says romance like zombies.

From top left, clockwise: breakfast bagel, homemade guacamole, valentine's day inspired desert, pulled pork tacos

In other news, I was extremely saddened to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston this weekend. I’m sure you’ve read and heard all about it ad nauseam, but I feel like she’s deserves some space in my little online world. She was an amazing singer and I hope that continues to be recognized. I was a child in the 80’s and her music was a big part of it. In the small amount of time since her death I’ve seen several posts/comments to the effect that it’s a shame people are making such a big deal about her death while American soldiers die every day. I’m sorry, but that assertion bothers me. I understand that it’s frustrating that we live in a world where the Kardashians or kids from Jersey Shore are celebrities. Celebrities that garner headlines and make national news, no less. But Whitney Houston shouldn’t be lumped together with those people. She was one of the most successful recording artists of all time and she had talent. Real talent. That’s something we should embrace and I’m not ashamed to say that I was sad to hear about her death. (Confession: my friend Mike started this line of thought today and it’s got me all fired up!)

No doubt you’ve heard this song hundreds of times, but take another listen. What makes this song so incredible to me is the first 30 seconds or so. It’s a Capella. No instrumental backing, no auto-tuning, just her voice. And it’s an amazing voice.

Lastly, I want to make sure I’m not giving the impression that I’m not sympathetic or not interested in stories about our soldiers. My brother and my cousin are both U.S. Marines and I could not be prouder of both of them – especially my cousin who is currently deployed.


Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, remember – all that candy in the grocery store will be on sale come Wednesday 🙂

Sunday Morning Music

I have serious affection for Tracy Chapman. She is the epitome of what I refer to as “Sunday Morning Music.” Meaning, it is perfect for playing throughout your house whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast – a cup of coffee, a warm scone, and a Sunday paper in your pajamas.

Now, this particular song? Not my first choice for a Sunday Morning. That would be this, or this, or even this*.

But oh my goodness, is this song breathtaking.

Magical even.

What are your go-to Sunday morning music selections? I also, thanks to my dad, have a preference for Supertramp. Maybe some Sting. Or if the mood strikes me – some Beethoven or Dvorjak. (I swear I’m only 29…)

*In college, while huddling up in the library at 3AM trying to finish our upcoming BioChem/BioEthics/Whatever-sciency class project, my dear friend Ericka and I would torture make our friends Mike and Adam listen to that song on repeat. For hours. In return, we were subjected to hours upon hours of Jay-Z , Outkast and old SNL Wayne’s World clips. Oh college. (If we were feeling especially saucy, we’d throw in the version with Pavarotti…NERDS!)

Unplugged And Recharged

Recharged is the perfect word to describe how I feel. Which is quite the turn from a few days ago (fever, chills, sniffles, etc). Sometimes it feels nice to go “off the grid” for a few days. So that’s exactly what I did. Internet, Facebook, email were all put on the back-burner. Instead, once I was feeling better I enjoyed some long runs along the coast (my new app is so very helpful), catching up on all the books I have been reading, but haven’t finished, and had some great chats with some great friends.

In a word, it was bliss.

I mentioned last week that I attended the SoCal Blogger MeetUp in La Jolla and I promised pictures. But honestly, my camera pictures were not that great.

I blame the Ginger Mojitos I was enjoying.

Terrible pictures aside, I would like to give some attention to one of the sponsors in particular – Orange & Park. They were extremely generous, and donated several of their prints to the event. I was lucky enough to come home with this one:

Image via Orange & Park

I am beyond thrilled with it! I had noticed their prints at the Tap Room, a bar in Pacific Beach, that my boyfriend and I go to often, and I had always loved them. I had even done a search for their prints, but to no avail. So winning was a special treat, although now that I know how makes them I will be a repeat customer – I think I might have to get their California print to go along with my San Diego Beach Town print. You should definitely check out their website, they have wonderful prints and stationary that go beyond California.

I also walked away with this lovely bracelet from Pura Vida Bracelets.

I’ve worn it several times with and without other bracelets, and it’s already become one of my favorite accessories.

All in all, it was a wonderful event. I met so many accomplished, smart, and funny women.  It was very inspiring AND encouraging. There are some women out there making it happen! I met attorneys, women running their own businesses, authors, teachers, etc. It was amazing. I only wish I had the chance to speak with more of them. Thankfully, there’s next time.

And before I sign off a quick word on the Super Bowl.

Admission: I could have cared less who won. In the end I suppose I would have preferred to see the Patriots win. But only because I dislike Eli Manning so much. (Don’t ask, I can’t explain). So the actual outcome was not that important to me. There was the usual eating and drinking, vodka slushee machine, and commercial/Puppy Bowl viewing.

That’s right. I said vodka slushee machine.

From top left, clockwise: Lauren and her traveling bar, baked brie, slushee machine, bacon wrapped jalapenos

It’s nice to know that as we get older, my friends refuse to grow up. Which is fine by me.

Cold and Flu Season

It may have gotten me this week, but I’m not down for the count quite yet. This past weekend was so freakin’ lovely! Some highlights include a birthday celebration for two friends involving insane amounts of Korean BBQ, the SoCal Blogger Meetup on Saturday and of course, Super Bowl Sunday.

I definitely want to post pictures/discuss all and will hopefully get to it tomorrow. For now, I’m getting back into bed with some green tea and my Kindle…(pity party for 1 baby!)

In the meantime, check out these lovely posts by the organizers/awesome-ladies of the SoCal Blogger Meetup:

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Laziness. There’s An App For That!

There really is an App for just about anything your pretty little mind could come up with.

Behold – my latest download!

Essentially, it’s an app for lazy bums like myself who can’t get into shape by themselves. 14 weeks to a 10k. That’s the promise.

Considering that I have a half-marathon in  months I’ll have to do a little better than that. But not much. And honestly, this app starts out super easy. I think I’ll be able to skip a few weeks – I have been running lately. Just not at a fast speed, or with much dedication. Hopefully this will get my butt in gear. It has a nice interface and I do love having a schedule/deadline to go by. (Insert one of the many, many deadline/lawyer jokes I heard in law school…)

Also, the reason I’m truly excited about this app? I’ve renamed it (in my head) to “14 weeks to bikini season!.” That’s REAL motivation, my friends.

Anyone have any other great running motivators/tips? I’m not a great runner, but I love the way I feel as a result. Here’s hoping I can stick it out for a while!

P.S. I’ve been listening to Coldplay’s ‘Vida La Vida” on repeat whilst typing this post. Is it weird that it’s my go-to song for pumping up purposes? Does this mean I’m gay?

A Serious Complaint

I’ve been holding onto this one since I moved to San Diego (almost 7 years ago?!?!) – Pacific-central tv time sucks. Everything is on so late!

To illustrate, let’s say I wanted to stay up and watch Letterman. It doesn’t even start until 11:30 P.M! I’m old! I fall asleep early. In Arizona, it’s on at 10:30PM. Likewise, in Arizona primetime television starts at 7. Not 8.

Alright, I’m feeling petty right now. Maybe a little cranky too. Definitely sore (training for my upcoming half-marathon started this week).

That’s what happens when you spend an hour looking at lovey-dovey pictures on Pinterest while listening to Adele, buying cheese-for-two-but-really-just-one, and suddenly realizing you’re about to spend your 3rd evening in a row in your pajamas, reading your book, without a stitch of makeup and the closest thing to a date being a slobbery, furry beast (sorry Tino!). I may have also found a grey hair. Speculation, of course.

My boyfriend. He needs a bath.

Rant over.

Off  to enjoy a glass of wine and some more cheese 🙂

Things I Like: New Year Edition

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so this might be long. I don’t know if it’s because I”m still basking in the post-Holidays glow, but I’m reveling in all things luxury and comforting right now.

But then, when am I not?

Kindle Fire

Oh how I pitched a fit when e-book/e-readers started making their emergence. I’m a book girl! I love the touch, the smell, the experience of a book! But slowly, bookstores have started closing, making one of my favorite pastimes (Saturday/Sunday morning with a latte in the bookstore) a rare occasion. And then I found myself with a Kindle (Christmas present from amazing boyfriend) and I haven’t put it down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself unable to sleep at 1AM, with a finished book, and BAM! I’ve got a new one with the click of a button. Also – it has wifi. I can listen to Pandora while reading or take a quick break and play on Facebook. Or Fruit Ninja…

Anyway. I love it. I’m obsessed with it. Apart from my iphone, I think it’s my favorite piece of technology/thing-I-don’t-really-need-but-don’t-want-to-live-without!

Balenciaga Paris Perfume

It’s ladylike and sophisticated, but not cloying and I love the way the scent ‘wears’ during the day. I think it might be my favorite scent. Also, the bottle is deliciously art deco. I believe it’s exclusively available at Neiman Marcus. (Note: did you know that Neimans excepts ALL credit cards now? Not just their card and American Express. Danger! Danger!)

Smoked Gouda

I’m a girl. This is Cheese. We were made for eachother.

Hello, lover.

Homemade Pizza

I add a ton of arugula/spinach and call it health food.

Also, it’s cheap. And easy.

Glitter Ballet Flats from Ann Taylor

I swear that 1) these would go with everything in my closet, 2) that I would wear them everyday and 3) they would change my life.

I’m a size  6 1/2, in case you’re wondering 🙂

P.s. Anyone have any good book recommendations? Always looking for one – especially a good historical fiction/biographies!