I’ve Got My Happy Face On

Wow! Now that was a SoCal weekend! We’re talking 80-degree temperatures at the beach and not a cloud in the sky. Sighhhhhh.

That would be my happy face.

Dare I say it? Spring has arrived! And I couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few other things that brought a smile to my face this weekend:

  • Valentino and I stumbled across this “community garden” on our walk Saturday morning. So glad we decided to explore a new street! (That would be the next street over….ha!) I definitely want to meet the kind neighbors who have turned their front lawn into a small treasure trove of herbs.

  • Brunch made by a handsome man.

  • A very girly manicure.

  • An afternoon spent lounging in the sun, listening to music, and catching up on my book.

  • The beach. Duh.

  • A new-to-me snack.

  • A Sunday afternoon post-walk beer and a TIRED pup.

All in all, my weekend was fun, relaxing, and the perfect prep to a new week.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!!!

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