This And That

I like to think I live a pretty “balanced life.” For every Sunday morning spent curled up in bed, I spend the afternoon on a long walk or run on the beach. I count calories, but don’t “diet.” I read ‘The Hunger Games’ followed by ‘A Room With A View.’ You get the idea. And in case you don’t, here’s a visual depiction.

A handful of M&Ms (x10)…

Followed by a salad and grilled fish for dinner.

A late night spent in OB drinking beers, eating burgers, and playing pool…

Followed by a quiet day in Riverside, visiting Adam’s Mom.

And last but not least, Prosecco with a splash of raspberry…

Followed by taco flavored Doritos (pictured above, behind the Prosecco).

I could go on, but you get the idea.

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  1. HAHA! We are the SAME person. I am the exact same way with stuff…


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