And That Was That

It’s amazing what a bottle of Margarita mix (Thank you dear client! You know me so well!) and a new dress will do for your spirits.

New dress! Bonus points for being seriously on sale.

Apparently, I’m easy.

Playing That Funky Music

Usually I prefers my funk in the form of music. But this week? I’m straight up in a funk. Womp womp.

After spending a lovely, and I mean lovely, weekend with my dad and brother, I’ve found myself smack dab in a rut. Back to worrying about how I’m going to pay for rent x2 next month (current roommate is moving out in a few days, new roommate isn’t moving in for several weeks), how I’m going to handle the not-so-big-deal-but-still-sucks situation of having my car wrecked this week, how I can’t seem to shed those 5lbs that have crept up this year despite running and eating pretty healthy about 80% of the time (is it really that 20% that’s holding me back?!) , how my dog prefers the company of my boyfriend who is at my house maybe once a week, or how when I finally dress up, do my hair, put some makeup on nobody notices. I could go on, but you have probably maxed out your ability to roll your eyes further upwards into your head.

Okay. So I’m not homeless. I’m clearly not going hungry. I do have a car (held precariously together by duct tape, but still running!), and I have a loving family that would fly out in a second to be with me should I make the call. All in all, I’m not doing so bad.

But sometimes, a girl just has to vent. And despite what they tell ya, sometimes the dog just doesn’t cut it. (I swear he’s going through some teenage doggy stage where he is to cool for school to hang out with his human mom. Kids!)

On the plus side, it’s Wednesday and the weekend is fast approaching.

It’s a hard knock life, yo.

It’s A Sailor’s Life For Me

To everyone who wished me a swell time this weekend, please know the wishes were not in vain. I had an amazing time honing my inner-sailor. I really should play hooky more often!

On Friday my dad and my brother drove in from Arizona for the weekend so my dad could get some practice on the boat. Being the lovely and devoted daughter that I am, I was more than happy to join the crew. Adam didn’t put up much of a fight either. And thus, two days were spent sailing around the San Diego Bay. You could do worse.

San Diego Marina

handsome men

one of the old America's Cup ships cruising on by

downtown skyline as the marine layer rolled in

happy girl

a feathered friend on the dock

I can’t wait to go again in a few weeks. I think I’ve found my calling!

Yo Ho Ho

Playing hooky and going sailing today.


No big deal.

Happy Friday!

It’s Getting Worse

Remember how the other day I was rambling on about how my electric tea kettle was the best thing to happen to me in a really long time? Well that hasn’t changed. I’ve used it a gazillion times since then and if it’s possible, I love it even more. So yeah, the old lady spirit is still strong with this one. In fact it’s getting worse/stronger.

Do you know what I’ve been spending my lunch/work breaks doing? Reading about gardening, foraging for succulents at the cove (who does that?!), and visiting nurseries/garden centers. I’ve barely glanced at twitter or Facebook this week.

Who am I?

Anyway, here are some of the potted fruits of my labor. Not anywhere close to done and i haven’t taken pictures of the cacti or irises, but you get the idea.




On the non-old lady front, I’ve still been eating ridiculous amounts of food, drinking plenty of wine, and rocking out to Bowie.

Just Like…A Baby’s Bum?

Yep! This is my newest succulent, an Argyroderma pearsonii, or as it is commonly referred to as a Baby’s Bum. I love it.

This ladies and gentlemen, was the highlight of a lovely, relaxing weekend. And I am not ashamed to admit it.

p.s. if you have any knowledge or advice about succulents I would love you to kick it my way! My garden is puny right now but I hope to build it up this summer and any helpful advice would be most appreciated!


That would be the total amount of payments I have left across all of my student loans before I can say I’m debt-free.

To put this into perspective I’m 29 years old and 4 year out of law school. (Where has the time gone?!) Age of estimated pay-off puts me in my 50’s.

And you wonder why I drink so much wine.


It’s A Sickness

I can’t for the life of me think of a better explanation.

So, I love apps. I know, how unique of me! In the past, most of them have been centered around fitness and health blogs (running, calorie tracking, etc). But right now, hands down, my favorite app is Songza. In my opinion it blows Pandora out of the water. I’m not exaggerating.

One of my favorite features is its “music concierge.” Depending on the time of day, even the day of the week, Songza will pull up a number of recommended playlists. Open it up on a Friday at 6pm and you will be given suggestions that include playlists for ‘unwinding after a long day,’ ‘cooking dinner with friends’, or maybe some ‘love and romance.’ Apart from that it has some amazing playlists. My personal favorite would be the 90’s alt. rock. I love me some Glycercine! Like Pandora it also has a “discovery” mode, where you can input a few parameters and then listen to a playlist based off of your preferences. Unlike Pandora (or Spotify, for that matter)? It’ has no limit as to how many hours you can listen to for free (at least to my knowledge). So yes, I am obsessed.

Anyway, this is just a long way of explaining the set-up to today’s post – It’s A Sickness. The other day I was folding a seemingly endless pile of laundry and listening to a Best of the 80’s playlist on Songza when the song “My Baby Takes the Morning Train” came on. Now first of all, it’s a great song. It’s catchy and fun and easy to sing along to. Secondly? My mind instantly went here:

I love him so, so much. I want to make out with his round, bald little face so badly.


Carry on. Happy Wednesday.

There Went Peter Cotton Tail

Uh, what happened? It’s already TUESDAY night? I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the days after a holiday are always a time to play catch up. But it was worth it. I had such a lovely weekend. Here are some photos…

Nothing says spring, or Easter, like tulips!

I may have borrowed Tino's ears

Don't you just want to squeeze his little cheeks?!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Happy Easter

If you celebrate, Happy Easter to you!


And because I cannot for the life of my get this song out of my head, I’m sharing it with you. For me, it’s intimately connected with all Sundays, but especially Easter Sunday (I blame you, Mom and Dad!).

Joy to the world, He has risen, hallelujah