Budget Friday

For the last 15+ years I have been an Essie/OPI snob. They are the only nail polishes that have graced my nails. But you know what? Not so much anymore. About two weeks ago, on a complete whim, I picked up a new polish….by Wet n’ Wild. For $1.99. And you know what? Four days later, my nails still looked amazing and didn’t have a single chip. That’s never happened to me before.

Those four nail polishes cost the same as one Essie or OPI, and last longer. I really like the applicator brush- it’s wider than normal and I think that helps in creating a nice and even coat. And the most convincing attribute of the line?  The light pink/beige that I picked  up (the second one from the left in the picture above) went on smooth and looks  absolutely streak-free. I could never achieve that with my old stand-by, Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers.’ At least not with a good 4 coats. And by that point, it was a thick, goopy mess.

Since my initial purchase two weeks ago, I think I’ve added another five or six polishes to my collection. And I’m not going to lie, I will be purchasing many more in the future.

Seriously, give them a try.

Anyone have any other nail polish gems I’ve been missing out on?

(I’m not doing this on behalf of anyone, I just really like these polishes and I wish I would’ve discovered them years ago!)

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