Relax, It’s Just Life!

Valentino (right) definitely knows how to enjoy the moment.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve really come to enjoy and appreciate my yoga practice. It not only eases my anxiety, but it adds a deeper level of awareness and balance to my day-to-day life. That being said, sometimes, for whatever reason, I find myself struggling to find my balance or to really get into a pose. And this causes a lot of frustration on my end. Suddenly, I’m focused on what I’m doing wrong, or rather, what I’m not doing, instead of focusing on that fact that I’m there, on my mat, doing something for myself. In these moments, it’s easy to lose my sense of self and obsess over the failings of my mind and body.

So bless my instructors heart, when the other night she so helpfully reminded us to “have fun tonight and don’t take yourself so seriously!” Umm…Duh!!! Sometimes, I just need to hear the words from someone other than myself.

We all fall. It’s a fact of life. But hey, it’s not so bad. Summer is around the corner, life is beautiful, and we’re all doing the best we can! Let’s all celebrate who we are and where we are today. Wow, I am so. darn. cheesy.

On a related note, I’m sooooo looking forward to this upcoming Memorial Weekend. I don’t have anything in particular planned, but I am looking forward to some general time at the beach and enjoying the (hopefully) beautiful weather. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

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  1. That is so crazy because 2 weeks ago, I was at a class and during child’s pose, the instructor adjusted me and whispered “just let it go.” I was having a bad day (or week) and apparently it showed … had no idea! But having someone tell me to let it go did wonders, ahh love yoga so much:)

  2. Yessssssss! It’s amazing what a few words from another can do in just completely letting go. Let’s do a morning yoga sesh together one of these weekends! (followed of course by ample mimosas…)

  3. Random, but I really like that picture in so many ways.

    • Ha. I agree! Mostly because when I look at it, I just see 100% pure unadulterated joy! I suppose the beach background doesn’t hurt….

  4. Like IT !


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