My Last Year As A 20-Something

And so it has begun. I have officially entered my last year as 20-something. Eeeep!

I can tell you already, I can already sense that I am not only much wiser, but am aging beyond gracefully 😉

After an INSANE day at work, I wanted nothing more than to put on some jammies and sip on some Wine.

Flowers? Check.


Birthday flowers

I wish I would’ve snapped a picture of the bouquet while they were still wrapped in brown  paper and tied with a pretty pink ribbon. So pretty! Just so you know, flowers never fail to make me swoon.

Dinner made especially for me? Check.


Roasted wild salmon, mushroom rice pilaf, grilled corn and bread for dipping in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Fancy! And delicious! And I didn’t have to do a thing!

Birthday cupcake? Double check.


Carrot cake and loads of buttercream

Yes, that is an empty bottle of wine on the table….

It was a good night.