Now THAT Was a Weekend…

I know, it’s Tuesday. But I’m honestly just now recovering from my weekend. In a word, it was fantastic. In a few words? It was full of out of town friends (Richard! Dan!), parties of the engagement (congrats Ajay and Shweta!), birthday, and dinner variety, lot’s of food, and lot’s of drinks. It was wonderful. It was epic.

I didn’t have my camera around – too much laughing and enjoying the moments. But here are a few snapshots from an informal dinner party I threw together on Saturday. The theme was greek, which was decided after my friend Lioyd and I had a lively chat about the proper way to describe the taste of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese –> Greek dinner party. (I challenge you to fill in the steps it took to get there.)

Lamb Kebobs

Grilled lemons added a little something something...

Cheesy Artichoke Heart Bread

Bacon wrapped dates

Unpictured: greek salad and an AMAZING pitcher (or two) of Sangri which my amazing friend Lauren whipped together.

You need to make a batch of bacon wrapped dates, like…yesterday. They are salty and crunchy and sweet all at the same time. They are the crack of the appetizer world. They are also incredibly easy to make. (400 degree oven, dates wrapped in 1/2 a piece of bacon each, 20 minutes cook time. Bam!)

It was the perfect prelude to a busy evening (an engagement party AND a birthday party). Both were fun. A little too fun…

There was so much more. But like I said, it’s Tuesday, and I’m still tired. So this will have to do for now.

Well and this:

White Trash Birthday Party. Happy Birthday Rachael!

The classy broad on the bottom right? Me 🙂