My Worst Nightmare

I got in a battle with a spider and turns out, that tiny foe kicked my ass. In my defense, it wasn’t just any spider. It was a Black Widow. That spider of my nightmares.

I’ve broken my collarbone before. And until yesterday, I honestly thought that breaking it was the most pain I would ever feel. Maybe apart from childbirth. I was no naive.

Black Widow, you win.

That would be my pinky finger, almost two days later. The swelling has actually gone down quite a lot. At one point it was the same size as my thumb. Right now, it’s still about double it’s usual size. There are also two little bite marks. I didn’t post a picture of that, because I can’t even look at it without feeling a million phantom spiders crawling on my skin.

Despite the swelling having gone down considerably, my finger still feels like it’s being stabbed with a million little needles. It’s painful to the touch. Which stinks, because it’s also tingly and itchy. But if I even blow on it, it feels like it’s just been set on fire. It’s also my left pinky….I’m left handed. You’d be surprised how often you engage your pinky during the day.

Oh yah. I also spent a few hours in Urgent Care getting pumped up with intravenous drugs and pain killers after several hours of it getting better, it suddenly got much worse.

My only hope is that I will come out of this looking like this:

My kind of Black Widow


The takeaway? Watch out when poking around dark window sills.