30 Days Of Gratitude: Day 10

Ahoy! Did you know that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Thanks to Facebook, I do! Personally, I prefer National Tequila Day. But that’s just me 😉

Today I am grateful for:

  • My dad. He calls me just about every.single.day. And I love it. As the father to two pre-teen girls (sorry bro, but you’re not involved in this story), I can’t even begin to count the times he had to listen to the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing and Grease. It was a lot. And he always maintained a smile. Today, I’m lucky enough that his love of sailing brings him to San Diego several times a year, so I definitely get to hang out with my dad a lot. And that’s definitely something to be grateful for.
  • Cheese! I know….the other day it was pepperoncini and today it’s cheese. Can you tell that I think with my tummy? Right now I’m snacking on some smoked gouda, manchego, and feta. Mmmmmm. It’s a well-known fact among my friends that if you should ever just happen upon my house, I will have at least 4 cheeses in my fridge just waiting to be snacked on.

A typical night of snacking

  • Facebook. I know, it’s annoying and people over-share and post ridiculous things; but I am grateful for it nonetheless. Because of it, I get to see pictures of my friends, their babies, their pets, and the yummy food they eat (hehe). It’s an easy way to catch up with a wide net of people at the click of a button. If you ever wonder if anyone is looking at the 107th picture you posted of your baby eating his first bowl of blueberries, know that I am!

So there you go. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. Also, would love to hear what you all are grateful for. Let’s make gratitude contagious!


Best…or Greatest?

I mean… does it get any better?

I’ve been in this serious cooking rut, but with the days getting hotter, work getting busier, and always finding myself with a refrigerator full of cheese…it’s hard not to fall back on my old standard: the cheese plate.

I have plans to make something delicious this weekend (perhaps some pulled pork?). But until then, you’ll find me happily munching away on various plates of fruit, cheese, and the occasional deli meat.

I’m the very picture of health.

A Serious Complaint

I’ve been holding onto this one since I moved to San Diego (almost 7 years ago?!?!) – Pacific-central tv time sucks. Everything is on so late!

To illustrate, let’s say I wanted to stay up and watch Letterman. It doesn’t even start until 11:30 P.M! I’m old! I fall asleep early. In Arizona, it’s on at 10:30PM. Likewise, in Arizona primetime television starts at 7. Not 8.

Alright, I’m feeling petty right now. Maybe a little cranky too. Definitely sore (training for my upcoming half-marathon started this week).

That’s what happens when you spend an hour looking at lovey-dovey pictures on Pinterest while listening to Adele, buying cheese-for-two-but-really-just-one, and suddenly realizing you’re about to spend your 3rd evening in a row in your pajamas, reading your book, without a stitch of makeup and the closest thing to a date being a slobbery, furry beast (sorry Tino!). I may have also found a grey hair. Speculation, of course.

My boyfriend. He needs a bath.

Rant over.

Off  to enjoy a glass of wine and some more cheese 🙂

How To Have a Successful Ladies Night

Make sure there is cheese.

Lots of cheese.

Some bruschetta, wine and Michael Buble playing in the background doesn’t hurt either.

Last week, my roommate and two girlfriends gathered to enjoy an evening of all the above. We also did a little cooking, putting together this little dish. I highly recommend it. Do not skip out on the saffron!

One last tip – want to make sure that it’s truly a successful night? Do NOT forget to take pictures of yourselves! (derrrrrrr!)