No Gloom Around These Parts

Today is Tuesday (Tuesday!) and my week is going pretty okay. Usually I’m pretty unhappy around these parts after a nice relaxing weekend and focused solely on counting down days until the weekend. But so far? Not too shabby.

Instead of this:

I’ve managed to keep it pretty even-keeled.

A quick aside – how uh-mazing has Real Housewives of New York been this season? I mentioned this the other day on facebook, but it’s worth re-stating – since when did Kelly become the voice of reason???

Anyway, I suppose the month of June has been quite lovely. I have a friend from law school in town tonight and have dinner plans to meet up (Daaaaaaaaaan!) and work has been pretty drama free. Bonus! I’ve also managed to get rid of 2 garbage bags of clothes to be donated. I’m feeling clutter free and fancy free 🙂

Plus, this weekend I managed to spend some time at the beach (despite some major June gloom) and look what we chanced upon!


Mussels! Alas, we did not take them home. But still…. kind of cool.

Also, I have discovered the most simple, easy, satisfying, 5-minute lunch EVAH. (Could I squeeze more adjectives in that sentence?)



Regular garden salad with cottage cheese. Delicious fix of veggies + protein in a cheap and fast fashion. (This took me 5 minutes to throw together in the morning. Please don’t tell me you don’t have time to pack a lunch in the morning) You should try this.

Tomorrow is Hump Day! Or as I like to refer to it – Wine Wednesday! Happy trails 🙂

How’s your week going?

Please don’t be intimidated by my exciting life…

Popeye Would Be Ashamed…

Very recently, I have seemed developed a severe aversion to “dark greens.” So things I usually love – spinach, arugula, and other spring mixes/leafy greens do NOT sound appealing. At all. But I still crave a lot of vegetables. I just don’t want it in salad form. (Unless it’s in a bland iceberg lettuce kind of mix…. what the hell???)

So I’m trying to be a little more creative with my vegetable intake.

Cue my favorite new snack:

Is your mind blown? (If it is, you might want to try to get out more…)

In that bowl are two things that for the longest time I assumed I didn’t like. Based on nothing, of course. Cottage cheese and radishes.

Radishes as well as cottage cheese are both ingredients that people tend to either love or hate. Personally I love both. I love the crunchy, peppery bitterness of radishes. And I love the hint of saltiness in the cottage cheese.

So in the bowl? Cottage cheese and radishes. Of course. But the two ingredients that make this appetizing are: cracked black pepper and a small key lime worth of lime juice.

The orange in the picture? Curry. Do not add. It does not taste good.

You think I’m crazy.

That’s okay.

I promise to share something good tomorrow. Unless you think this is good, then, right on!

(Also, I have a REALLY good cottage cheese mess to share later. This is legit. I promise promise.)