Thank God I Live Next Door to a Liquor Store

These shoes got me through Law School....

Let’s start with a rundown of the damage, shall we?

-Black Ferragamo Kitten Heels (aka the most useful, practical shoes ever). Destroyed.
-Silver Leather Kate Spade clutch. Destroyed.
-Chanel Lip Gloss. Inhaled.
-Pile of poop in corner of room. Yep.
-Smiling puppy. Oh Yes.

So my first few minutes home last night were not exactly awesome.

Thank God I live next door to a Liquor Store.

A quick visit to pick up some wine and a return to a favorite recipe (along with some leftover roast chicken from the other night) and this chica was feeling better.

Valentino? One of his best nights ever. Go figure.

"Yes I'm on the couch! What are you going to do about it???"

He’s such a dude.

P.S. If he’s going to chew something, why not my Old Navy flip flops? Ughhhhhhh.