You’re My Best Friend

This title refers to two things: 1) my favorite Queen song (and perhaps my favorite song of all), and 2) my dog, Valentino, whom I consider my best friend.

Last night as I was updating my iphone, I realized that most of available memory was being used up by my photos. Now, I usually upload my photos via my photostream onto an album on both my computer and google plus account, so I don’t necessarily need all of  my photos on my phone. So I managed to trim down my photo count from about 1500 to just over 700. (It’s a process!). Of those 700, I realized that, easily, 500 of those were photos of my dog. That’s a lot. To take this obsession a bit further, I realized that about 1/3 of those photos are repeats. You see, I have this habit of scrolling through my photos and looking at ones of my dog when I’m bored, stressed out, can’t sleep, waiting in line for coffee, etc. While scrolling through these photos, sometimes I come across a particularly cute picture from several months/years ago that I really like, so I take a screenshot of it. That way I’ll have a copy of the photo in the front of the picture queue. Yah, I know…

Needless to say, I think the above paragraph encapsulates why this journal entry by Neil Gaiman struck such a chord with me. I completely understand where this fellow is coming from. My dog is more than a pet; he is my confidante, partner in crime, and best reason to get up in the morning (especially when the sun is barely up, the tile is freezing and I can’t find my slippers – he probably hid them under my bed or in his kennel, and my dog insists on going outside…not to pee, but to sniff around for 5 minutes while I jump around in a lame attempt to stay warm). I love him dearly. Enough so that he compromises 70% of my photo library. (In case you were wondering, the rest is made up of food, pictures of my outfit/hair to send to my sister for her approval/opinion, pictures of the beach, and pictures of my boyfriend…usually with my dog sitting next to him.)

Best friends help each other with yard work….or not.

I know I express my love for my dog on this blog fairly often, but I couldn’t resist adding another instance today. I’m sure fellow pet owners understand.