Buon Anno

As per usual, my New Years Eve and New Years Day celebrations were both marked by the presence of spirits, and an abundance of food.

The evening portion was fairly low-key and spent at a dinner party with several friends. I stuffed myself for the last time in 2012 with baked fish, vegetables, quiche, plenty of cheese, and chased it all down with plenty of good wine and champagne.

The wine and cheese portion of the night.

The day portion was equally lovely. We started with mimosas, bagels, and lox. The day ended with a trip to the movie theater to see Django Unchained* and, what else? More eating. This time Korean BBQ was the choice cuisine.

New Years brunch at the house

As far as the New Year goes, you won’t find me making any resolutions about healthy eating or exercising more frequently – these are things that are always on my mind. But for the last few months,  I have been trying to make an effort to be more kind and generous of spirit. I think I shall continue that, and hope that we all, to some extent, try to be kinder and generous to those around us.

korean bbq

Stuffing our faces in Clairmont Mesa

Although, I might make an exception to the above, and add “eat more Korean food.” It is seriously delicious.

Happy New Year friends.

* If you like Tarantino movies then you will LOVE it. I enjoyed it thoroughly –it was wonderfully acted, completely irreverent, heavy at times, and accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack. I should mention that in particular, Christopher Waltz is a complete delight in every scene he’s in. I look forward to watching it again.

Ross and Rachel Forever

I’ve been saying this a lot lately.

For the most part, people have just been staring back blankly at me.

Does this age me? I don’t care; Ross Gellar was the best.

P.S. Way to follow through on my promise to start uploading some meaningful content.

P.P.S. Remember when David Schwimmer was the only cast member getting roles in movies? Ha…

There Went Peter Cotton Tail

Uh, what happened? It’s already TUESDAY night? I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the days after a holiday are always a time to play catch up. But it was worth it. I had such a lovely weekend. Here are some photos…

Nothing says spring, or Easter, like tulips!

I may have borrowed Tino's ears

Don't you just want to squeeze his little cheeks?!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

It’s Not Cold In Southern California

Unfortunately, nobody told my body that…. I’m currently suffering from a miserable cold/sore throat combination. This is not so unexpected; we are in the middle of cold/flu season. It just happens to be  feel more miserable because as I am typing this, it is currently 80 degrees in La Jolla. Does.Not.Seem.Fair.

Oh well. At least I was happy and healthy last week for all of the New Years Festivities. Happy New Year lovely readers, by the way.

Since I don’t think anyone cares to see pics of half empty mugs of cold tea and used kleenox, here are some pictures from last week:

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.


Blurry, but still handsome.

Champagne, of course.

Arm bling.

Happy faces

Glitter! Shiny!



Here’s to a new year!

Now THAT Was a Weekend…

I know, it’s Tuesday. But I’m honestly just now recovering from my weekend. In a word, it was fantastic. In a few words? It was full of out of town friends (Richard! Dan!), parties of the engagement (congrats Ajay and Shweta!), birthday, and dinner variety, lot’s of food, and lot’s of drinks. It was wonderful. It was epic.

I didn’t have my camera around – too much laughing and enjoying the moments. But here are a few snapshots from an informal dinner party I threw together on Saturday. The theme was greek, which was decided after my friend Lioyd and I had a lively chat about the proper way to describe the taste of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese –> Greek dinner party. (I challenge you to fill in the steps it took to get there.)

Lamb Kebobs

Grilled lemons added a little something something...

Cheesy Artichoke Heart Bread

Bacon wrapped dates

Unpictured: greek salad and an AMAZING pitcher (or two) of Sangri which my amazing friend Lauren whipped together.

You need to make a batch of bacon wrapped dates, like…yesterday. They are salty and crunchy and sweet all at the same time. They are the crack of the appetizer world. They are also incredibly easy to make. (400 degree oven, dates wrapped in 1/2 a piece of bacon each, 20 minutes cook time. Bam!)

It was the perfect prelude to a busy evening (an engagement party AND a birthday party). Both were fun. A little too fun…

There was so much more. But like I said, it’s Tuesday, and I’m still tired. So this will have to do for now.

Well and this:

White Trash Birthday Party. Happy Birthday Rachael!

The classy broad on the bottom right? Me 🙂