Sunday Morning Music

I have serious affection for Tracy Chapman. She is the epitome of what I refer to as “Sunday Morning Music.” Meaning, it is perfect for playing throughout your house whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast – a cup of coffee, a warm scone, and a Sunday paper in your pajamas.

Now, this particular song? Not my first choice for a Sunday Morning. That would be this, or this, or even this*.

But oh my goodness, is this song breathtaking.

Magical even.

What are your go-to Sunday morning music selections? I also, thanks to my dad, have a preference for Supertramp. Maybe some Sting. Or if the mood strikes me – some Beethoven or Dvorjak. (I swear I’m only 29…)

*In college, while huddling up in the library at 3AM trying to finish our upcoming BioChem/BioEthics/Whatever-sciency class project, my dear friend Ericka and I would torture make our friends Mike and Adam listen to that song on repeat. For hours. In return, we were subjected to hours upon hours of Jay-Z , Outkast and old SNL Wayne’s World clips. Oh college. (If we were feeling especially saucy, we’d throw in the version with Pavarotti…NERDS!)