How To Have a Successful Ladies Night

Make sure there is cheese.

Lots of cheese.

Some bruschetta, wine and Michael Buble playing in the background doesn’t hurt either.

Last week, my roommate and two girlfriends gathered to enjoy an evening of all the above. We also did a little cooking, putting together this little dish. I highly recommend it. Do not skip out on the saffron!

One last tip – want to make sure that it’s truly a successful night? Do NOT forget to take pictures of yourselves! (derrrrrrr!)

Dinner With My Boyfriend

Okay. So he might be my pretend boyfriend. And I might have switched pretend boyfriends half way through the evening. Damn. I’m so fickle.

Boyfriend No. 1

Boyfriend No. 2

Ladies, you understand my dilemma.

So my Sunday night? Me + boyfriends (1 and 2, respectively) + cold beer + delicious dinner + NFL Fantasy Football research = Damn. Good. Night.

Carnitas Lettuce Wraps

Monday? Do your worst!