Thank You Mr. Lincoln

Want to ensure your Sunday night isn’t it’s usual weepy affair? (Please tell me I’m not alone here!)

Easy! Get the to a grocery store, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers (Personally I go for the 3 bunches for $10 variety…picking only 1 bunch), light some candles, put on Whitney Houston’s greatest hits and voila!


All or under 5 bucks. Thank you Mr. Lincoln! Monday won’t seem so bad. I promise.

P.S. don’t even bother hating on Whit. These ears will have none of it. NONE OF IT!

It’s That Time of the Week Again


Back to work…. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I know I did. Be back soon with some fun weekend recaps (shark!!!).

Starting Fresh

Usually I’m less than enthusiastic about Mondays. Today? Not so much. It’s a beautiful, sunny day in San Diego and the last day of spring. Summer is finally here!!! (well…almost)

But most importantly, it’s a new week. Don’t get me wrong. Last week was amazing. I saw lots of friends who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Went out. Enjoyed a few beers. And indulged. A lot. I’m looking at you .25 cent wing night…. So after eating out several times last week and drinking a little too much I’m ready to get this week started off right and tame that belly of mine a little 🙂

So to start, this morning I concocted a refreshing smoothie.


In the mix: strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, chia seeds and some chocolate flavored whey protein powder. It was sweet but not overly so. Just what I needed.

What’s your “go to” when you need to jumpstart your week?