Young Hearts Be Free Tonight

Alright, so I’m going to pretend that the past month I’ve been engaging in some sort of European, month-long vacation and that’s why I’ve been so absent. One can dream…

In the meantime, on this, the last day of my Twenties, I’m going to be listening (and dancing) to this song. Over and over.

See ya on the other side of 30!

Living La Vida Loca…Or Not

I haven’t really been up to anything the past few days. I haven’t cooked anything (but I think I’m finally getting the itch to experiment in the kitchen this week), I haven’t done or gone anywhere particularly exciting. I’ve just kind of been.

Here’s a few things that have taken up my non-work time:

New hair color. The blond is gone. I feel serious and smart.

Okay, maybe not serious.

I’ve been eating these by the handful:

They are so delicious.

I’ve been painting my nails:

Listening to rad music:

And I’ve been hanging with this happy fellow:

I’ve also gotten back into a proper running schedule. This makes me all kinds of happy.

Here’s to a week full of good food and exciting events. Or not. Life is grand.

Sunday Morning Music

I have serious affection for Tracy Chapman. She is the epitome of what I refer to as “Sunday Morning Music.” Meaning, it is perfect for playing throughout your house whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast – a cup of coffee, a warm scone, and a Sunday paper in your pajamas.

Now, this particular song? Not my first choice for a Sunday Morning. That would be this, or this, or even this*.

But oh my goodness, is this song breathtaking.

Magical even.

What are your go-to Sunday morning music selections? I also, thanks to my dad, have a preference for Supertramp. Maybe some Sting. Or if the mood strikes me – some Beethoven or Dvorjak. (I swear I’m only 29…)

*In college, while huddling up in the library at 3AM trying to finish our upcoming BioChem/BioEthics/Whatever-sciency class project, my dear friend Ericka and I would torture make our friends Mike and Adam listen to that song on repeat. For hours. In return, we were subjected to hours upon hours of Jay-Z , Outkast and old SNL Wayne’s World clips. Oh college. (If we were feeling especially saucy, we’d throw in the version with Pavarotti…NERDS!)

I’ll Chew You Up

I blame it on the red lip gloss I wore today.

I have been listening to this song on repeat. All. Day. Long.

I’ve also been re-imagining the music video with me in it.


Channeling inner-80's maneater

Who are we kidding? Red lip gloss or not, Hall & Oates is always on my playlist.

Also, it looks like I have a mustache. hehe. (An homage to Oates, perhaps?)