Budget Friday

For the last 15+ years I have been an Essie/OPI snob. They are the only nail polishes that have graced my nails. But you know what? Not so much anymore. About two weeks ago, on a complete whim, I picked up a new polish….by Wet n’ Wild. For $1.99. And you know what? Four days later, my nails still looked amazing and didn’t have a single chip. That’s never happened to me before.

Those four nail polishes cost the same as one Essie or OPI, and last longer. I really like the applicator brush- it’s wider than normal and I think that helps in creating a nice and even coat. And the most convincing attribute of the line?  The light pink/beige that I picked  up (the second one from the left in the picture above) went on smooth and looks  absolutely streak-free. I could never achieve that with my old stand-by, Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers.’ At least not with a good 4 coats. And by that point, it was a thick, goopy mess.

Since my initial purchase two weeks ago, I think I’ve added another five or six polishes to my collection. And I’m not going to lie, I will be purchasing many more in the future.

Seriously, give them a try.

Anyone have any other nail polish gems I’ve been missing out on?

(I’m not doing this on behalf of anyone, I just really like these polishes and I wish I would’ve discovered them years ago!)

Living La Vida Loca…Or Not

I haven’t really been up to anything the past few days. I haven’t cooked anything (but I think I’m finally getting the itch to experiment in the kitchen this week), I haven’t done or gone anywhere particularly exciting. I’ve just kind of been.

Here’s a few things that have taken up my non-work time:

New hair color. The blond is gone. I feel serious and smart.

Okay, maybe not serious.

I’ve been eating these by the handful:

They are so delicious.

I’ve been painting my nails:

Listening to rad music:

And I’ve been hanging with this happy fellow:

I’ve also gotten back into a proper running schedule. This makes me all kinds of happy.

Here’s to a week full of good food and exciting events. Or not. Life is grand.


A few months ago you never would have found a color other than red or pale pink of my nails.


Progress people. This is progress.

Also, check this out:




Thor: My Dad and Stepmom's wonderpup.

Tell me you guys remember that episode from Seinfeld. Hilarious.

I’m not going to lie, I have not felt like blogging much lately. I definitely haven’t felt like cooking. Although, I’ve really mastered the art of PB&Js. (The secret: lots of peanut butter AND jelly).

So what have I been up to?

Sunning, giving myself mani/pedis and drinking fake margaritas. (The secret: I use lemon lime flavored Crystal Light…don’t judge – they’re delicious)

I am getting the itch to cook something up. I have a butternut squash sitting in my kitchen that is screaming for me to do something with it. I’ve already decided I’m not just roasting it, I’m going to do something special with it, damnit!

So yah, things are good over here.

Friday! Friday!

It’s Friday! The sun is shining, the beach is calling my name (or maybe that’s a pitcher of margaritas) and my work for the day is dwindling down.

It’s time to celebrate!


Everyone knows the best way to celebrate is to just add glitter, right?!

Happy 4th of July weekend lovelies!