A Serious Complaint

I’ve been holding onto this one since I moved to San Diego (almost 7 years ago?!?!) – Pacific-central tv time sucks. Everything is on so late!

To illustrate, let’s say I wanted to stay up and watch Letterman. It doesn’t even start until 11:30 P.M! I’m old! I fall asleep early. In Arizona, it’s on at 10:30PM. Likewise, in Arizona primetime television starts at 7. Not 8.

Alright, I’m feeling petty right now. Maybe a little cranky too. Definitely sore (training for my upcoming half-marathon started this week).

That’s what happens when you spend an hour looking at lovey-dovey pictures on Pinterest while listening to Adele, buying cheese-for-two-but-really-just-one, and suddenly realizing you’re about to spend your 3rd evening in a row in your pajamas, reading your book, without a stitch of makeup and the closest thing to a date being a slobbery, furry beast (sorry Tino!). I may have also found a grey hair. Speculation, of course.

My boyfriend. He needs a bath.

Rant over.

Off  to enjoy a glass of wine and some more cheese 🙂