Maybe I’m A Ditz, But At Least I’m Happy

I would never describe myself as particularly “girly.” I would MUCH rather spend the evening watching hockey and drinking beer (go Coyotes!) than going dancing and sipping some fruity drinks. That said, I love clothes and I love makeup. Although I’ve had to remind myself of that lately.

It’s easy to get in a rut. Back in law school I ALWAYS took time for my hair and planning cute outfits. I took a lot of crap for that. A lot of people thought I was ditzy. And yah, sometimes I am. I’m definitely goofy and I do not take life seriously. But you know what? I felt good about myself, had fun, AND I got pretty good grades too. After law school however, I kind of lost that. My first job out of school had a starting time of around 6AM. I’m not a morning person and my routine quickly went from a full face of makeup and coordinated outfit to mascara and lipgloss and whatever was ironed/clean in my closet. It’s gotten better, but still.


So this month I’m making it a point to put a little effort into my appearance. It’s silly, but those 10 extra minutes make me feel like a million bucks. Coinciding with this effort I’m thinking of rolling out a new series of reviews on my favorite makeup products. I’m a beauty junkie, and I’ve tried ALOT, so why not share?

It’s okay if you think I’m a little ditzy. I probably am. But at least I’m happy!