Back To The Grind

It’s appropriate that on the unofficial start of Fall it would be rainy.

It does make going back to work much easier.

But not that easy.

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day Weekend. I know I did (won $15 in Las Vegas – I’m so baller!).

I think I might try to cook some soup today. Or not. We’ll see 😉

P.S. Google has a pretty great animation in honor of Freddie Mercury’s birthday. I may or may not be listening to him all day long.

Rain Rain Go Away

San Diego is a tease. We had a few blissful days of sun, and now it’s a rainy mess. And if you are familiar with SoCal you know that when we get a drop of rain, we forget we ever knew how to drive and go into hibernation mode.

Staying at home in my pajamas and watching movies with Valentino was not an option today, so I got the next best thing: a cafe au lait and a blueberry scone from my favorite coffee shop in La Jolla – the Brick and Bell.

Their scones are out of this world. I usually grab a mini-scone but as I said, it was raining, and thus it was not a morning for skimping 😉

Am I being a spoiled brat complaining about the weather?  Anyone?