Reluctantly Healthy

I love, LOVE, Judy Greer. I think she steals just about every scene she is in. I especially enjoyed her character Kitty, the insane ex-assistant/mistress to George Bluth Sr., on Arrested Development (aka the greatest sitcom to ever air).

Anyway, in my constant quest to find shortcuts to healthy living, I happened upon a weekly web series she does for Yahoo called ‘Reluctantly Healthy.’ I think the title is brilliant, and I 100% relate to it. I would much rather eat salty french fries than a kale salad, but I realize that french fries aren’t going to provide me with the nutrients that my body requires AND that I always feel much better after a nice meal full of unprocessed, fresh food. I am reluctantly healthy.

Isn’t she adorable? Check out more of her videos here.

What are YOUR healthy shortcuts?