Young Hearts Be Free Tonight

Alright, so I’m going to pretend that the past month I’ve been engaging in some sort of European, month-long vacation and that’s why I’ve been so absent. One can dream…

In the meantime, on this, the last day of my Twenties, I’m going to be listening (and dancing) to this song. Over and over.

See ya on the other side of 30!








Where’s Stuart Smalley When You Need Him?

Somebody went out of their way to make me feel stupid today. And I got so mad at myself for succumbing to that effort. Even if only for a minute.

Hard to imagine you can make someone who makes this face feel stupid...

So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I called a client and delivered some good news, finished a few emails, and chatted with some co-workers about an upcoming project. Feeling better, I decided to go downstairs to buy myself a cappuccino.

Watching the people in the cafe – the fashionably dressed artists, the pretty stay at home moms, the writers tapping furiously on their laptops, I started feeling clunky and dull. My hair felt frizzy, and I suddenly wished I had put on more makeup today. And there you go, I started feeling bad again.

So silly! It’s so easy to let other people sway you and get down on yourself. And it’s even easier to get stuck in a cycle of negativity.

This cannot stand!

So I’m going to focus on the positive. Here’s a list I came up with, while standing in line, of random things I like about myself:

  • I know the lyrics to every Beatles song.
  • I am the youngest known Rod Stewart fanatic.
  • I taught myself to 1) knit and 2) play the piano. I’m not great at either. But that’s okay.
  • My nose. I really like the shape and size of it. Seriously.
  • I am generous.
  • I am funny (according to Valentino).
  • I love to read. I’m constantly reading (online) newspapers, news outlets, blogs, books, magazines, etc. I pride myself in being a know-it-all.  😉
  • Parlo italiano.

Your turn. What do you like about me? Kidding. What do you like about yourself? Or alternatively, what do you do to get yourself out of the funks life sometimes throws our way?

Here's looking at you, hottie.