I Just Ate A Thai Chili

On accident.

I then proceeded to down at least three glasses of water, a yogurt, an english muffin and anything else I could manage to get my hands on. Except for milk. I hate plain milk.

Do not eat thai chilis. Even if they are mixed with delicious, delicious orange peel shrimp.

Anywaaaaay, part from having my mouth on fire, things have been quite lovely round here. It’s rainy and cloudy and all I can think about is getting my pajamas on and cuddling up with my Kindle and a glass of tea or wine and relaxing for the rest of the evening. Bliss.

I have been cooking up a storm lately, and I’ll probably post about it tomorrow or Wednesday. I can’t be certain, I’m not psychic after all. In the meantime here are some random snapshots from the weekend.

Weekends are fun.

My only resolution this year: eat more fruit (and oatmeal?). So far so good.

Bacon and mushroom tarte @ Cafe Chloe

Moules frittes @ Cafe Chloe. Buttery deliciousness!


Movie night with my two dudes.

Inexpesive flowers from Trader Joe's make me happy

Cheeeeeseburgers from Cass Street Bar and Grill are a good thing.

Now, on to tackle the rest of the week!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend 🙂

P.S. If you haven’t already – sign up now for the SoCal Blogger Meet-Up. Only 2 tickets left!

SoCal Blogger Meet-Up

Yep! I’m going. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be in town, but alas the stars have aligned…

This next Meet-up will be meeting on February 4, 2012 from 1-4 at Roppongi. Major bonus points for being in the ‘hood!

For those of you who are thinking of attending,  I strongly encourage you to do so! I went to the last one and it was a blasty and a half! If you would like some details check them out here. (There’s a cute video too!)

SoCal Blogger Meet-Up

One word of caution – there are only a few tickets left so hurry hurry!