Unplugged And Recharged

Recharged is the perfect word to describe how I feel. Which is quite the turn from a few days ago (fever, chills, sniffles, etc). Sometimes it feels nice to go “off the grid” for a few days. So that’s exactly what I did. Internet, Facebook, email were all put on the back-burner. Instead, once I was feeling better I enjoyed some long runs along the coast (my new app is so very helpful), catching up on all the books I have been reading, but haven’t finished, and had some great chats with some great friends.

In a word, it was bliss.

I mentioned last week that I attended the SoCal Blogger MeetUp in La Jolla and I promised pictures. But honestly, my camera pictures were not that great.

I blame the Ginger Mojitos I was enjoying.

Terrible pictures aside, I would like to give some attention to one of the sponsors in particular – Orange & Park. They were extremely generous, and donated several of their prints to the event. I was lucky enough to come home with this one:

Image via Orange & Park

I am beyond thrilled with it! I had noticed their prints at the Tap Room, a bar in Pacific Beach, that my boyfriend and I go to often, and I had always loved them. I had even done a search for their prints, but to no avail. So winning was a special treat, although now that I know how makes them I will be a repeat customer – I think I might have to get their California print to go along with my San Diego Beach Town print. You should definitely check out their website, they have wonderful prints and stationary that go beyond California.

I also walked away with this lovely bracelet from Pura Vida Bracelets.

I’ve worn it several times with and without other bracelets, and it’s already become one of my favorite accessories.

All in all, it was a wonderful event. I met so many accomplished, smart, and funny women.  It was very inspiring AND encouraging. There are some women out there making it happen! I met attorneys, women running their own businesses, authors, teachers, etc. It was amazing. I only wish I had the chance to speak with more of them. Thankfully, there’s next time.

And before I sign off a quick word on the Super Bowl.

Admission: I could have cared less who won. In the end I suppose I would have preferred to see the Patriots win. But only because I dislike Eli Manning so much. (Don’t ask, I can’t explain). So the actual outcome was not that important to me. There was the usual eating and drinking, vodka slushee machine, and commercial/Puppy Bowl viewing.

That’s right. I said vodka slushee machine.

From top left, clockwise: Lauren and her traveling bar, baked brie, slushee machine, bacon wrapped jalapenos

It’s nice to know that as we get older, my friends refuse to grow up. Which is fine by me.

Cold and Flu Season

It may have gotten me this week, but I’m not down for the count quite yet. This past weekend was so freakin’ lovely! Some highlights include a birthday celebration for two friends involving insane amounts of Korean BBQ, the SoCal Blogger Meetup on Saturday and of course, Super Bowl Sunday.

I definitely want to post pictures/discuss all and will hopefully get to it tomorrow. For now, I’m getting back into bed with some green tea and my Kindle…(pity party for 1 baby!)

In the meantime, check out these lovely posts by the organizers/awesome-ladies of the SoCal Blogger Meetup:

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M Is For Mondays and Muppets

Another Monday. They tend to come around each week, don’t they?

I had such a nice, relaxing weekend. A quick trip to Huntington Beach. A blogger meetup in Del Mar, and lots of movie-watching/snuggling (both of the dog and man variety).

I didn’t take one picture. No iphone. No camera.  Nothing.

Although, secretly, I kind of wish I would have snapped a few pictMures at the Blogger meetup. Next time!

The meet up was held at a WINE BAR!  SIP at Flavor Del Mar to be exact. The location was lovely and the inside of the bar was intimate without being cramped. I have been to the restaurant portion before but never SIP. And I think we all know that  I have yet to find a wine bar I didn’t love. SIP did not disappoint. You should definitely check it out if ever in the area.I plan on going back  – the menu looked amazing!

As for the meetup, it was so nice to meet so many other bloggers. There were some incredibly talented women present. I’m just sorry I was late, a little under the weather (too many vodka sodas the night before….derrr!) and left earlier than I would have liked (Don’t I sound like a big ol’ ball of fun?!….). Regardless, I’m so glad I went and can’t wait to go to the next one (Where I will also remember to post about it in ADVANCE so you all can have a heads up too!). I’m also glad I have a handful of new blogs to read over my morning coffee each day 🙂

Many thanks to the lovely ladies who organized: Tammy, Oliva Dee, Kelsey and Mrs. Stephanie T!

And oh yes….M is for Mondays AND Muppets. Please tell me I’m not the only one incredibly excited for the Muppet Movie. I adore me some Fozzie Bear.

Thank you Youtube for indulging my inner 5-year old today…and allowing me to waste countless minutes this morning watching old Muppet Show clips.

What did you do this weekend?  Curious minds want to know!