Why So Serious?

This would be where I pretend to relate to Penelope Cruz (more on that in a second) and also brag about my upcoming attendance to a  pre-release showing of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, this week. Yes, I am aware that the “Why so serious?” line is from the Dark Knight. But, as I’ve not yet seen the newest movie, I don’t have any new quotes to pull from, it goes with today’s theme, and it’s my blog and thus, not a place for pointing fingers [back to me]. So yeah, going to see Batman before all the rest of you suckers! Unless you too have tickets to an early showing…in which case, good for you.

Now, on to me and Penny. This Sunday morning, as I was busy lounging and catching up on the past week’s gossip, I came across a story on Ms. Cruz. In the article, they speculate on a possible second pregnancy and then about how she recently shared how motherhood has made her less of a worrier. To quote:

For me, having my son means I worry less. I’ve always loved to worry – ever since I was a little girl people would tell me I  worry too much. But these days I really have to pick my subjects to worry about because there are only so many hours in the day.

[Source: The Sun]

Oh boy. I have a lot of thoughts here. First, I have no experience relating to having children, but I would think that being a mother would make you MORE of a worrier – germs! choking hazards! the wrong preschool! etc… So this is interesting to me. It seems that for her, motherhood has turned her into a zen, Mother Earth incarnate. Interesting. Perhaps there is something to this motherhood notion. I suppose we could also interpret her statement as she’s so busy worrying about germs, choking hazards, and the like that she can’t worry about the old stuff. Which in that case – got it.



But mostly, I look at this as a case of ‘Celebrities! They’re just like us!’* I am such a worrier. I worry like it’s no one’s business. I probably spend a few hours every night, usually between the hours of 2 and 5 am, thinking about all of the things that can possibly go wrong in the next day/week/month. It’s a full-time job, really. Luckily, I’ve recently decided to make a career change (metaphorically, of course). I’ve tried yoga, no-caffeine after lunch, deep breathing, and journal writing, and thus far, nothing has succeeded in me chilling-the-F-out. I think some people would refer to me as being a bit high strung. Maybe even a bit of a control freak. Although this is pretty laughable, because my current state could only truly be described as organized chaos. Essentially, I’m a control freak who is also extremely lazy. Perhaps therein lies the problem… and because I am lazy, I think we’ll end this train of thought for now. We’ll just say that I’m taking steps towards the “worry less, be more like Penelope Cruz” approach to life. Or to quote that great philosopher, Bobby McFerrin, I need to “don’t worry, be happy.”

So to recap, I’m going to see Batman this week! And I’m going to be more like Penelope Cruz and chill out (and maybe grow my hair out like her, too).

Anyone got any good stress-relief tips? Besides, wine?

*Believe me, I am all too aware that Celebrities are in no way just like us. Unless of course you consider being regularly chased down the PCH by Paparazzi, being sent free Valentino gowns on the reg, and never having to check the balance on their checking accounts before purchasing a new pair of Ann Taylor work pants, just like us.