Snack Time Isn’t Just For Kids

I’ve been feeling especially snacky lately.

Hence my plate tonight.

From top left, clockwise: greek olives, fresh mozzarella with salt and pepper, pepperoncini, wasabi flavored almonds.

Technically not dinner, although on a dinner plate.

Technically delicious.

Every day I have grand plans to make a delicious dinner…and then the snack monster hits. Entrees are overrated. Appetizers are where it’s at.I think the fact that I’ve eaten my weight in tootsie rolls this week has added to my preference for snacky meals.

Don’t worry, this plate was filled up a few times, and wine was definitely enjoyed along with said plates.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

And if you haven’t already tried them, next time you’re at Trader Joes make sure you snatch up a bag of wasabi flavored almonds. They are magically delicious!