Can’t Get Enough

Is there anything better than grilled corn on a nice, summer evening? (Besides steak….)

Well, yes, in fact. This:

That would be grilled corn, zuchini and squash. I think I’ve eaten it this at either dinner or lunch for the past 7 days. I’ve had it with turkey burgers, chicken, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fried eggs…. It’s so darn good! Prepared with a little olive oil, salt and LOTS of pepper. That’s it. So easy.

It goes with everything. Fact.

Popeye Would Be Ashamed…

Very recently, I have seemed developed a severe aversion to “dark greens.” So things I usually love – spinach, arugula, and other spring mixes/leafy greens do NOT sound appealing. At all. But I still crave a lot of vegetables. I just don’t want it in salad form. (Unless it’s in a bland iceberg lettuce kind of mix…. what the hell???)

So I’m trying to be a little more creative with my vegetable intake.

Cue my favorite new snack:

Is your mind blown? (If it is, you might want to try to get out more…)

In that bowl are two things that for the longest time I assumed I didn’t like. Based on nothing, of course. Cottage cheese and radishes.

Radishes as well as cottage cheese are both ingredients that people tend to either love or hate. Personally I love both. I love the crunchy, peppery bitterness of radishes. And I love the hint of saltiness in the cottage cheese.

So in the bowl? Cottage cheese and radishes. Of course. But the two ingredients that make this appetizing are: cracked black pepper and a small key lime worth of lime juice.

The orange in the picture? Curry. Do not add. It does not taste good.

You think I’m crazy.

That’s okay.

I promise to share something good tomorrow. Unless you think this is good, then, right on!

(Also, I have a REALLY good cottage cheese mess to share later. This is legit. I promise promise.)