Things I Like

My favorite Websites:


Capitol Hill Style Belle’s style is professional, sophisticated, classic, and fun. I’m not a trendy gal, but this blog is the perfect example on how to add current trends into your wardrobe, without looking costume-y. As a bonus, she offers some great beauty tips here and there – my most recent favorite was her recommendation


Skinny Taste I love this site, because Gina’s approach to healthy cooking (and living) is a realistic one. She doesn’t make any extreme food substitutions (she does like low-fat cheese, which I think is an okay compromise, as long as it’s part of a recipe and not to be enjoyed on it’s own) and presents some seriously delicious recipes without the guilt. In the past year I’ve tried out her pasta fagioli, buffalo chicken wraps, and cajun chicken pasta (too name a few) to great success.

So Delushious! The premise of this blog sounds unbelievable. Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who enjoys to eat, and eat, and eat…but wants (actually needs) to stay in shape. But to my surprise, she comes across as genuine, relatable, and seriously fun. I particularly love her blog tagline: personal random ramblings from a girl who loves bacon and can’t be fat. It doesn’t hurt that her fiancee, John Legend, makes frequent appearances on the blog. Do yourself a favor and check out her amazing chipotle marinade. She’s not joking when she says it can be used on just about anything.


My Friends Are Married Because, duh. All my friends are married. Many of them are having/have had babies. I’m sure you’ve seen this Tumblr page make the rounds, but it’s a fun read. And a great way to spend a few minutes. It’s funny because it’s true!

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